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Rising Stars Daycare



Key Person Policy

Rising Stars Day Care realises the importance of each child having a key person who is special to them. The following responsibilities are subject to key persons being available to care for their key children. In their absence a familiar person will take their place.

Rising Stars Day Care realises the importance of each child having a key person who is special to them Key person's responsibilities are :-

  • Introducing a new child to their room and talking to parents/carers about the child's individual needs and routines and support them throughout the settling in process.
  • To develop and maintain a secure and trusting relationship with their key children and also their parent/carers.
  • Greeting and settling your child on arrival at Rising Stars Day Care and ensuring any messages are recorded / passed on to relevant staff.
  • To change nappies, toileting and changing of clothes and any other personal needs.
  • To comfort when distressed, and support them when learning new skills, completing all necessary observations and paper work.

Ensuring any necessary feedback for parents/carers at the end of the day is recorded or communicated to the room supervisor/evening staff that are responsible for the handover.

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